11-15-04 .. death on a stick ..

good god, I'm dying over here. if anyone wants to help me invent a coloful web design that doesn't require image hosting, let me know.

I'm dying. dyyyyyyyyying.

my eyeballs have been glued into the sockets backwards. I wish I could wear pajamas to work because everything else feels like straight jackets today. not that I'm all that familar with straight jackets. my imagination is vivid, though.

I want to update utopia today, but I can't think of a single thing to write there. I've already done the "missing brains" bit, and that's about the limit of my abilities right now.

it's going to be full-on night by the time I leave here and head home, and I hate that. S.A.D. is real, people! too bad I don't have it; I bet my benefits package would cover some sort of treatment. instead I'm just lazy and ornery. I want to read a book in the sunshine. rarr! fortunately, I'll be undergoing some beach-related therapy (or is that therapy-related beach?) in about a week and half. company holidays, huzzah!

if I could just not have to deal with any bullshit for the rest of 2004, that would be awesome.

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